About Us

BigData Solutions That Work


success3 Want simple solutions for your complex data? Need the right information for your decision makers? and look for effective ways of turning “big data” into” big insights”? DataBlob provides solutions and tools you need to succeed.

DataBlob was founded with one mission: create value and serve the society. Our founder, Amy Li, has a great passion to build simple, smart, and scalable BI&A platforms.

Choose the right data: bigger and better data give companies both more panoramic and more granular views of their business environment. The ability to see what was previously invisible improves operations, customer experiences, and strategy
Build models that predict and optimize business outcomes: the most effective approach to building a model usually starts, not with the data, but with identifying a business opportunity and determining how the model can improve performance
Transform your company’s capabilities: delivering solutions that managers and decision makers understand or trust big data and put them in good use
— develop business-relevant analytics that can be put to use
— embed analytics in simple tools for the front lines
— develop capabilities to exploit big data